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Nurse Writing Prescription with Doctor's Guidance

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Rehab may be one of the more underused interventions in the healthcare world. Who will benefit from a good rehab program and therapist? Almost anyone from pregnant mothers with laxity to golden age ladies who are battling with frequent falls.

We want to make your rehab process about you and for you.. your goals, your needs, your rehab!

Right now, we can literally knock on your door and all you need to do is answer!

Rehab conditions

Asian senior or elderly old lady woman patient show her scars surgical total knee joint replacement Suture wound surgery arthroplasty on bed in nursing hospital ward

Orthopaedic surgery rehab

Senior Fall of a elderly woman.

Fall prevention

Dizzy woman suffering vertigo attack at home

Vestibular rehab


Woman's leg is edema (swelling) after cancer treatment.


Lymphatic drainage

Care Worker Helping Elderly Woman to Walk in Geriatric Hospice

Geriatric care

Nursing Woman Helps Senior Woman Learn to Walk

Neurological rehab

Medical nitrile gloves.Two blue surgical gloves

GeMT dry needling

Physical Therapy

Post- surgical rehab

Nurse Writing Prescription with Doctor's Guidance

Burns rehab

Hear from our founding therapist...

Sometimes all you need is someone who knows the way...

Hi, I am Dora.

After being in the acute setting for the past 8 years, I realised that often times, clients need us the most when they actually get home- when the challenges get real and when they and their caregivers are really on their own.

Besides having 1-on-1 therapy sessions which means more attention, a more tailored rehab session and advice catered to your specific needs, you won’t have to worry about all the hassle of travelling and getting out of the house when you are not ready.

We will be glad to be your partners in your recovery, right at your door step!

Services we offer

Assessment and diagnosis

During your first session with us, we will be performing a thorough interview and physical assessment to understand you better.

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Environment review

We will assess your home environment for any possible danger risks and recommend appropriate and safe alternatives.

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Therapy interventions

Intervention plans are individualised according to individual needs and goals.

Read on to know more on the type of therapy provided!

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Professional advice

We will advice you on issues pertaining to your recovery and rehab and refer you on to the correct professional for advice out of our rehab domain.

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Our multidisciplinary approach

We have rehab experts from various fields on your care team

Humans are complicated beings and should be treated as such! There is rarely a one size fit all rehab plan and sometimes you may need more than one professional on your team to ensure your care is well rounded.

Group of Hands Together

Our success stories

Quotation Mark

Dora helped me to get back to walking outside after bilateral knee replacements. She was patient but firm at the same time. I always feel tired after therapy but my independence is worth the sweat

P.C, 67

Quotation Mark

My mother- in- law was falling down more than 20 times in a matter of weeks, sometimes twice a day. I feel happy seeing her now being able to overcome obstacle courses and most importantly being fall free for the past 3 months since she started her home therapy.

Emily, 40

Quotation Mark

I was having giddiness when turning in bed to the left after being discharged from the hospital. I raised my concerns but no one could help so I went home hoping it would go away. Thankfully, Dora was able to perform a manouvre on me that helped to “shoo away” the giddiness. Now I feel more confident moving around.


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Home Therapy Hours

Monday to Friday: 8.00 am to 6.00pm

(Weekends subject to availability)

Home therapy pricing

For each 45-60 minute session our charges are S$220.

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Telephone: +65 8060 8182

Email: information@followmephysio.com